Our hollow shaft gearbox allows you to directly power a machine shaft via a clamping establish. We apply tried-and-tested high-precision spiral gearing, which facilitates the right-angled tranny of torque and quickness.
The device shaft is inserted directly into the gearbox’s hollow shaft and connected with a mounting set. This is an extremely easy way to accomplish a force-fit connection – without additional helps such as for example an intermediate flange or coupling. This Ever-Electrical power gearbox could be screwed straight onto the machine by using the through holes in the output flange.
Alternatively, you can select the correct angle gearbox as a two-sided hollow shaft. This allows you to way lines previously leading out from the equipment shaft through the gearbox. In this manner you can increase your flexibility and make use of the flexibility of the servo gearboxes with hollow shaft made available from the machine design. You can achieve even higher ratios with a combination of the planetary gearbox and the right-position gearbox with hollow shaft.
Due to its right-angled design, it also permits you to optimize your utilization of a limited unit installation space with a space-saving drive part. For a lot more flexibility, they include lifetime lubrication and their design allows them to end up being installed and found in any mounting job. This gives you complete liberty in the positioning of your travel and the look of the set up space.
The input flange is individually adapted to the engine. The compact product and servomotor increases your flexibility.
Ever-Power Huge Torque cycloidal rate reducers offer the same high precision since the standard series with a couple of advantages. An advanced cam follower design and integrated cam shaft offers bigger torque ratings (20-25%) and a large hollow shaft for passing wires.
Reducer Features include:
3 Frame Sizes
10 Regular ratios from 25:1-225:1
Compound Reduction Cam
Compact, pancake design
Needle bearing cam followers
TRUE Zero Backlash
Integral capacity output bearing
Greased for life
Large Diameter hollow shaft
These devices cover the range from 310 to 55000 daNm.
They are really efficient in industrial applications characterised by vibrations and continuous motion inversions.
In output, they include a hollow shaft sized for just about any kind of shrink-disc, and a torque arm created for any application.
Product Description
Our provider is prominent dealer OF HOLLOW SHAFT PLANETARY GEAR BOX
Features :
Reduction Ratio – 3 : 1 to 50000 : 1
Ranked Torque : 0.5 Kg-m to 145000 Kg-m
Input Ability 0.25 HP to 100 HP
Suggestions Speed – 1440 RPM, 960 RPM, 720 RPM
Prime Mover – Electric Engine,
Input Type – Free Insight, Hollow Input
Output Type – Hollow
Monoblock housing design,
Wide ratio, torque selection and two or three stages could be in same housing
Reduction can be increased up to six stages,
Standard IEC B5 or B14 motor flanges,
Electromagnetic brake option,
Long life bearings,
GG20 and GGG40 cast iron housings,
58-62 HRc hardened and grinded gears.
Ever-Power D-Series is compact and easy to mount. Flange-, foot- and hollow shaft-mounted editions, or combinations of these mounting options are available. These gearboxes are of a modular style. Outcome shaft and flange can be mounted to common hollow-shaft gearboxes without modification of the gearbox. The casing has mounting points on both sides, enabling mounting from either side. The hollow-shaft gearboxes have new mounting options likewise for the input area. Input possibilities are typical (IEC B5 or B14), direct coupled or with sturdy input shaft. A mixture with different gearbox types is possible with minimum alter. In applications where proficiency and strength are important, hollow-shaft gearboxes are preferred to worm gearboxes. Hollow-shaft gearboxes can resist larger overhung loads than various other gearbox types.
DN Series – Helical geared products with IEC B5/B14 motor flange, zero motor
DV Series – Helical geared motors with IEC B5/B14 electric motor flange, motor included
DR Series – Helical geared motors, direct coupled, engine included
DT Series – Helical geared models with solid input shaft
Output flange and end result shaft options
Servomotor specific connection flanges
Electromagnetic brake motors (24V/220V/380V)
Backstop application, 500-1024 pulse encoder applications
External fan cooling option for frequency inverter applications
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Hollow shaft planetary gearbox Ratio up to i=2900 Torque from 770 Nm up to 135.000 Nm Output: Hollow shaft for scrink disk or spline, shaft with key or with spline. We produce the High Accuracy Hollow shaft planetary gearbox or with a High Precision Spiral Bevel acceleration increaser gearbox in Hollow Shaft swiftness increaser gearbox. Suggestions shaft diameter‎: ‎From12 to 34mm dependi and Hollow shaft planetary gearbox size‎: ‎17 gearbox sizes available, Result shaft diameter‎: ‎From 11to 75mm even more kinds. The Ever-Electrical power Harmonic Hollow shaft planetary gearbox delivers High-Torque and High-Reliability with a Hollow Shaft style. The gearhead incorporates constant backlash, Flange-, feet- and hollow shaft-mounted types, or combinations of these mounting options can be found. These gearboxes happen to be of a modular style. Its transmission components such as for example couplings (hollow shaft gearhead). Oriental are processing with a strong ensure that you The torque applied to each gear in the planetary gear mechanism is shown. For excessive torques at signify speeds: Our Hollow shaft planetary gearbox of the P series, Whether hollow shaft or sturdy shaft, with a key, smooth or spline in accordance to DIN standard.
Product Description
Technical data:
1. Ratio range: 3.15-3000
2. Input power: 0.25-55KW
3. Permit torque rang: ≤ 200000N. M
4. Output speed: 0.425-445 r/min
5. Structure mode: Chance for flange, feet, or shaft mounting solutions