Single and dual reduction planetary equipment drives to be used with electric, hydraulic, atmosphere motors or mechanical power input from high acceleration, low torque sources to deliver decreased speeds at increased torques. The input part has regular SAE pads for motor mounting. Obtainable in the three result configurations proven below. Many units could be furnished with an integral parking brake.
Solitary reduction drives are limited to 3500 RPM input; double reduction drives to 5000 RPM. Units with integral parking input quickness is limited to 2500 RPM.The same torque is available in either direction of rotation. Torque rankings are intermittent. For constant operation reduce torque rankings to about 1/3 to 1/2 the values shown. Models provide 95% power tranny efficiency.

Wheel Drive
Input side has standard SAE pads and splined insight. Output side has hub for installation vehicle wheel. Free wheel is possible by using the springtime disconnect to disengage the drive shaft. The disengage feature can be regular on all wheel drives.

Shaft Output
Input side regular SAE pads with splined insight. Output side options include: Keyed round, hexed, hollow, tapered or splined shaft.

Spindle Drive
Input side is regular SAE pads with splined input. Output side includes a flanged spindle for coupling to the strain.

Swing Drives
Ever-Power model 6 is offered with or without essential parking brakes. The “SW” Power Wheel has extra-large tapered Plastic Gear Rack roller bearings, a ductile iron hub and warmth treated ring equipment to reduce backlash growth due to wear. The exterior bearing nut provides the greatest in shaft retention and shaft strength. Output can be a spindle shaft or numerous sizes of essential pinion gears.