Ever-power also produces a full type of chain couplings as well as pricing and availability, get in touch with Ever-power.

Both Straight and coupling China Diagonal silent chain couplings have a torque capacity that is greater than the largest diameter slight steel shaft on which it is mounted. The decision between the the two types is often dependant on simple installation in a specific application.

There are two models of Ramsey silent chain couplings, the Straight Type and the Diagonal Type. Right Type couplings are comprised of coupling halves that are split perpendicular to the shaft axis. A hardened metal silent chain joins both halves. Diagonal Type couplings are split at an position to the shaft axis. Due to the angular split, the chain that wraps a Diagonal couplings is definitely loaded in shear,and also tension. This outcomes in Diagonal couplings having a relatively higher load capability than right couplings, where the chain is loaded in shear.

Plastic Chain Coupling
Ever-power Plastic material Chain Couplings are produced from Poly Acetal Resin(POM). Require no luburication, Corrosion resistant, Adjustable misalignment.

Finished Bore Chain Coupling
Completed Bore Roller Chain Couplings are prepared for instant installation. They are completely finished Bore, Keyway and Setscrews.

Stock Bore Chain Coupling
Share Bore Roller Chain Couplings are wide variety of transmitting torque obtainable from KC3012 to KC12022.Stock Bore Roller Chain Couplings are wide range of transmitting torque available from KC3012 to KC12022.