Stainless Steel Chains
using the features of environment resistant and put on resistant chain series.
Using the utilization of X-rings, durability enhanced remarkably.
X rings have been added for the Stainless Steel Chain (SS)
which has the very best resistance to corrosion and heat. In comparison with the conventional Stainless Steel Chain,this chain has about 5~10 occasions resistance to abrasion.This improvement can make achievable a significant reduction within the running and upkeep costs.
Advisable uses
?Situations constantly exposed to chemical agents, sea water and wastewater.
Different chemical plants, water remedy plants
?Conditions of higher temperature
Heat-treating furnaces, dry furnaces, incinerators
The grease and seal rings meet the requirements on the Foods Sanitation Law.
Consult us about the environmental problems and chain variety.
Choice of chains
The typical tensile power and greatest allowable load with the Stainless Steel Chain are both lower than a regular roller chain. Refer towards the optimum allowable load for the selection of chains.
Connecting hyperlinks
R connecting backlinks are used for Stainless Steel Chains #60 or smaller and C connecting hyperlinks for #80 or larger.
The pins for your X-Ring chains are longer than those of common roller chains, and thus typical sprockets for multiplex chain are not able to be employed for the X-Ring chains when employing this chain in multiplex.
As being a general home of stainless steel, pressure
corrosion cracking and pitting corrosion may be brought on by chlorine and chlorine ion (CR-).
Please take into consideration the conditions, temperature, degree together with other total predicament when applying.