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Metal Pintle Chains
Metal Pintle Chains
Steel pintle chain was originally developed for use in smudgy surroundings in agricultural apply sector. It could be applied as conveyor chain for a lot of purposes like spreader, fertilizer distributor, feeder method, hay dealing with gear, spray box, and many others. It could also be utilised as electricity transmission chains, agricultural chains, or separator chains.

As a China metal pintle chain company, we supply steel pintle chain that is of straightforward structure and could be flexibly assembled with AS, ASS, AS2, A22, BRH, F10, F11, F12, F12H, G30, M1, SHB and a lot more add-ons. Our metal pintle chain could be used to sort spreader for salt, fertilizer and other granular components, fertilizer sorter and hay processing equipment in inventory farming, hefty load transmission equipment in wooden processing market, and other similar purposes. With our large performance ordering and provider community, we can supply higher good quality transmission goods and providers to our world-wide customers instantly.

In 8/Pintle-Chain-Sprockets-1.png]#addition to metal pintle chain, we are also included in the production of forklift chain, oilfield chain, agricultural equipment chain, and many others. These items are of high quality, demonstrated by their obtain to ISO, ANSI, DIN, BS and JIS certificates. You are welcome to get in touch with us for much more info!

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